Dee is a qualified Nurse, Mel as an office manager, Kelly is an electrician and Jen works in hospital administration. Each has a story to tell. Read on.

Dee Cox

“I was about seven when I started catching Brim and flathead with my Mum and Dad on the east coast. My passion grew from people I met along the way. David Green was a big influence on my fishing I met him when I was ten. He taught me about barra fishing and we fished tournaments together.

I was quite intimidated by the boys when I first did tournament fishing. I have fished the Billfish Tournament in Broome for the previous 3 years before we got the girl team together.

I love two styles of fishing – the offshore bluewater, catching marline and sailfish and also going up the creeks and nailing a Barra.

I was excited to fish with a female team, great to meet and fish with women who had a similar passion and of course to show the boys that we could hold our own. A great opportunity to learn and empower each other and take away that intimidation feeling.

Fishing isn’t all about tournaments, but it does give you a goal, helps with your education about fishing and that element of pressure.

Fishing to me provides adventure, challenge and a meeting people from all walks of life. You have fishing in common and it is a great language that we can share with all cultures. I have just spent all my money that I have saved on buying a 5.5 metre boat. Yes, I am hooked. I’ve called the boat Allure”!

Mel Murphy

“I am from Bunbury and spent my younger years fishing for bream and crabs in the Collie River. As a child we spent holidays fishing in Shark Bay & Kalbarri but since moving to Broome 12 years ago this is when my fishing passion really kicked off. You can find me fishing almost every weekend Dee Mel Kelly Jenifer either in the creek or up the river.

I mainly fish for barramundi – creek and river fishing but have branched out to off the shore fishing. My husband and I try to get away once a year somewhere different. We have been to Arnhem Land, Barra Lodge and next year we hope to go to Papua New Guinea to do the black bass. We also go up the Kimberley and do Wyndham and Parry’s Creek plus go to the Northern Territory Roper River.

We usually go fishing every weekend, this time of the year heading into the wet we go up the river, or on neap tides we go up Dampier Peninsula as you can right up to the back creeks on foot up to big holes and fish them.

When I first got the message about if I wanted to be on a team to fish the Billfish Competition – I though oh my god, I don’t know a lot about it and I don’t have the sort of gear that they use to do that. Then the girls all got talking and I thought what a great idea – a girls’ team would be awesome. I had such a good time – even though I didn’t catch anything!

Sail fishing is a mentally challenging type of fishing, staring for hours at the water. When something is on the teaser everyone jumps into action, the skipper is yelling from up the top of the tower – it’s exciting. It was just completely different form of fishing for me - the baiting up, the rigging and the different rods. I would love to fish the comp again. I have already put my feelers to fish on a boat next year”.

Kelly Locke

“The second I could walk I have fished. I love it, I have an obsessive compulsive family – so it’s in the blood. I first fished in the Billfish comp in 2008. We had a team call the Minnies Me’s, me, my brother, Dylan Lockhart and Wokkie.

I have never thought of fishing in a female team, we weren’t friends, but we had to be fairly tight knit to be together on the water for 6 days of fishing. Me, Dee, and Jen all tagged 3 sailfish each, though unfortunately Mel didn’t get a fish and she was so hanging out for one. Sometimes it is luck as we all had permanent positions on the back of the boat. I like the left side, Dee liked the right side and then Mel and Jen were in the middle. So, a lot depends on where your fish pops up.

I enjoy sail fishing, as there is always something to look at, you are always looking at the water whether there is fish there or not. You can see the fish come up and get excited. With creek fishing you are just sitting there doing nothing just waiting, it drives me absolutely mad. You are not looking for the fish in the water, you are just waiting for fish to get on your line – it is not for me.

So, I am definitely more of an ocean fisher, the river to me is hot, there is mud, flies and it is not exciting. My favourite fish to eat is threadfin. You get spoilt in Broome when you have a choice”.

Jenifer Bronca

“I first learnt to swim before I fished. Dad or Grandpa would put a life jacket on me and tie a rope and let me hang out of the back of the boat. Ever since I was a little girl Dad had a boat. We used to go to Exmouth a couple of times a year to fish, I really loved Exmouth. So, 7 years ago I arrived in Broome for the fishing and lifestyle.

I actually like catching the little stuff – small fish that go hard. Dad and I used to have squid offs at Freo – such fun. I love it when something little hits a lure and they go crazy. A day out fishing is always perfect, being out on the water is great and of course catching a fish is a bonus. I love the fun of fishing and sharing it with others.

I first heard about the Billfish comp in Broome when I was 17 and fishing in Exmouth. It has to me such a huge event. To me putting together an all-girl team made me feel powerful and proud and made my husband jealous. It was an amazing opportunity. As a team we did not know each other at all but by the end of the fishing comp we got to know each other pretty well. To do the comp again would be great. I am addicted”.

Team Allure would like to thank their sponsors who made it all possible. As they did have to pay full charter fees for hiring a charter boat, skipper and deckie.

A big thank you to: Allure Pearls – MG Tyres – H & M Tracey – Kimberley Camping & Outback Supplies – Barraddict