They work the Peninsula form east to west.

Their knowledge of Bilbies is up with the best.

The beaches are many from Ocean to Sound.

But they keep them all clean, get the stuff off the ground.

They also report strange things that they find.

Like foreign objects the tide’s left behind.

The Monsoon Vine Thickets are ancient and rare.

The rangers know all this and take extra care.

They learn of the animals, the plants and their seeds.

But some of the time is spent just killing weeds.

They use modern science from day to day.

But never forget what the old people say.

Fire is there as a friend or foe.

Do they fight it with fire or just let it go?

Call Nyul Nyul Rangers they’ll surely know.

Sometimes the elders and kids come along.

The rangers all love it, makes everything strong.


From their base in Beagle Bay, the Nyul Nyul Rangers manage two coastlines, hundreds of kilometres of beach and inland freshwater springs on the Dampier Peninsula. The ranger group has a diverse work plan that includes coastal patrols, quarantine inspections, marine debris clean-ups, feral animal and weed control, water monitoring and research, crocodile management, fire management, biodiversity surveys, threatened species and ecosystems (bilbies, Gouldian finches and monsoon vine thickets), as well as tourism and visitor management. For information or to touch base with the Nyul Nyul Rangers, please phone 9192 4051.