My favourite pastime is walking along the beach as the sun in all its glory is rising over the dunes. Do you ever wonder what makes those squiggles in the sand, what is under that raised lump or inside that shell laying casually on the beach? Hang on, did it just move! On further inspection it is a timid hermit crab hoping you did not see him.

There are so many opportunities first thing in the morning to discover life on the beach and no two mornings are ever the same. Watch Stairway to the Moon setting over the horizon instead of rising. The tides are always bringing in something new and exciting for show and at the end of the year when you see turtle tracks in the sand you just melt and hope that when the babies hatch they will survive to make their journey to the wide expanse of the ocean. If you are really lucky there might be a couple of stragglers that you can safely see to the water to begin their life journey.

Cable Beach is not just an enormous expanse of sand with blue water lapping at it edges on a low tide but a wildlife playground for those that open their minds to what may be around and under the surface.

I always have my iphone ready to capture nature at its best.