Kimberley Coffee

Mark & Simone, The Coffee Hunters.

Mark, aka “The Coffee Man”, started making coffees on espresso machines in Sydney back in the 1970s when Australians were drinking black tea and instant coffee. The thought of the typical Australian drinking an espresso or latte was unheard of - that was a drink that only ‘new’ Australians drank not us Aussies - espresso and wine was put in the non-Australian bag.

Beer was the beverage of choice.

He spent the next 43 years working in the hospitality and wine industry, watching the food world slowly change. Firstly wine and then food and coffee.

In 2010, Mark moved to Broome from Sydney to launch Kimberley Coffee Company . He choose Broome for several reasons - lifestyle being one. However, he recognised that roasting coffee here had an edge over roasting in Sydney and other populated areas. Harnessing the fresh air, clean water and general magic of Broome, he crafted the “'Roasted in the Zone " coffee roasting method which has since won him many National awards.

As well as roasting coffee, Mark opened the very first mobile “Coffee Van” in Broome, thus serving cup to customer directly and becoming a well known figure in town. Five days a week on Frederick St and weekends at The Broome Courthouse Markets.

This is where The Coffee Girl steps (or, literally - ran) in…

Simone, aka “The Coffee Girl”, brand new to Broome, was jogging along the early morning streets of Broome and stopped by the Coffee Van that used to live outside the old Blockbuster Video Store every morning (anyone remember the old Block Buster??).

She stopped for a coffee, stayed for a chat with Mark and then – BAM - a lifelong friendship started. They have been working together on different projects ever since, and continue to work on shared goals with Kimberley Coffee Company being the primary focus.

Mark and Simone are collectively known as “The Coffee Hunters”, as they travel the world together searching for the best coffee beans to bring back to roast in Broome and offer to both Broome locals and tourists, as well as sell on a buzzing online store for home delivery across Australia.

Kimberley Coffee Company is somewhat of a family business. Mark & Simone are proud of their achievements, the people they make happy with the joy of good coffee, and their great friendship that has endured the years and supported the iconic Broome based coffee roasting business.

You can order Kimberley Coffee Company coffee beans for delivery anywhere in Australia online at, and you can drop by the Broome Markets any Saturday from 7am, to both grab some freshly roasted beans and enjoy the magic of The Original Coffee Van.

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