2014 - IT'S UP TO YOU

Having lived in Broome for over 20 years you begin to gain a growing appreciation and understanding of the importance and significance of this land to the nation’s first people.

We decided to ‘be tourists’ for a week and joined Neville Poelina’s Uptuyu Tours and visited his country on Udialla Station- Oohgkalkada Wilderness Camp, a short 2.5hr drive north from Broome to Udialla Springs. We arrived at sunset and the family welcomed us and settled us into modern Eco tents with en-suite facilities. The delicious evening meal was enjoyed under the stars with conversations of what we wanted to do for the next few days. “It’s up to you.” says Neville.

Our personal tour of exploring and learning the history of the natural springs in close proximity to the homestead with Nev’s wife Jo the first morning, set the scene for us. An unobtrusive smoking ceremony, morning tea and then a relaxing dip in the waters of the Fitzroy River. Jo prepared a picnic lunch and had it set up for us in the shallows of the cooling river. While we peacefully enjoyed a swim and the natural wildlife in and around the river, Neville, accompanied by his lovely children, went off and caught some barramundi for dinner.

We toured around the area and learnt more of culture and history of the place. There was much opportunity for ‘quiet time’ if you so desired as our accommodation was private, peaceful and spacious. Walking the banks of the Fitzroy and catching our own barramundi was a highlight. Enjoying freshly caught jarramba (cherabin) netted in a local lake and cooked on the coals as the sunset was special.

The ‘mighty’ Fitzroy is full of energy and life and also special ‘healing’ mud. The night skies are so full of stars it is magic.

Our experiences were …. good for the soul, the spirit, the body and the mind. “Seize the moment” - spend a few days with Neville & Jo.

UPTUYU Adventures has more information on www.uptuyu.com.au