Homestead Hub

HOMESTEAD HUB - Felicity Brown

“All my life I’ve been the go-to connector across rural, regional and remote Australia.

I LOVE linking people”.

Two years ago, I created the Homestead Hub as a centralised, easy to navigate online regional directory, connecting rural, regional and remote Australians with businesses that understand them; a one-click directory of trusted suppliers of relevant products, services, resources and experiences and people who understand people in the bush.

The aim of my “mini Google for regional” is to quickly link customers with who and what they are looking for, without the overwhelm of the wider web, and to build and connect a community of likeminded business people, to support each other and collaborate.

We have a social commitment, raising funds and awareness to ‘Beyond Blue’.

We held our first ‘Muster’ in WA’s beautiful south-west which was an amazing success. Now, I’m busy planning for next year - 15th November in NSW. We’ll also be visiting Mount Elizabeth Station in our wonderful Kimberley for a ‘Creatives Camp’.

So much to look forward to!