25 Years Game Fishing

Game fishing started in Broome with the first Billfish Classic in 1990 and after fishing my first tournament in 1991, I was hooked. I needed a boat to go chartering – it had to be a centre console, big diesel engine and around 27’ (8.2m) – big enough to take around six punters out. I ended up buying a local boat owned by Rocker called ‘Simara’ and on a shoestring budget, leap of faith and a lot of help from my good mate Andy Taylor, we renamed her ‘Southern Comfort’ and Coke (the tender) and set off on a 25 year thrill packed adventure.

After seven years it was time for a new boat. I bit the bullet and asked local Rod Wellington form Ocean Pearl to build me a real Game boat designed around what I wanted – ‘Billistic’ – Magnificent.

I’ve only ever fished in the best tides for pelagics in Broome because they’re the best as its been quality fishing and I’ve loved every minute. So many stories to tell but that would need a book.

One of my punters approached me on charter and told me his ‘secretary made more money than I did’, I turned and said “Yeh, but my office is better”. He agreed. ‘The customer is always right’ – mmm ‘occasionally’.

My last season on Billistic was in 2020, start of Covid. It was doom ‘n’ gloom until June when everyone realised they could go fishing in Broome. All hell broke loose, thank God it was a great sailfish season! I managed 30 full charters that year and a very big thank you to all my punters and especially my deckies. Off on new adventures now in our trusty motor home.