Fat Ladies of the Sea

The most beautiful lady of the Australian seas has to be mother Dugong. She has a large buxom figure, tipping the scales at 450kg of pure curvy softness. Add to this exquisite feminine form, a pair of large juicy lips and sultry eyes and we have a lady irresistible to men and male Dugong alike. That is, if you don’t mind a lady with a tough, bristly moustache guarding those voluptuous lips and the presence of sharp tusks when things get rough. She can’t see very well, so even the ugliest of males would stand a chance with her. She also possesses excellent hearing, so no gossiping behind her back. Her prominent nose means she has exceptional sense of smell and can sniff out the juiciest seagrass and the smelliest male at the same time.

She holds that unique position of power where she gets to choose which males she will mate with and often selects a few, guaranteeing conception, although she seems unperturbed as to who the father actually is. Male Dugong are always ready, always eager to mate, but have to wait until she is ready, which can be a considerable amount of time as pregnancy lasts 14 months and she only becomes pregnant once every 3 – 7 years.