A friend of mine was going down to Bidyadanga (180kms south of Broome) to help out with the umpiring and I took the opportunity to go and watch a real Kimberley football match.

The football match was between Bidyadanga Emus on their home turf and Cable Beach Football Club. I found out whilst talking to some enthusiastic spectators that they had not played a season match at Bidyadanga for over a decade. The spectators where mainly made up of residents from the Bidyadanga Community and a few like me who had come to see this special match.

Well, I was surprised. The pace was furious - what a riveting spectator support. I ended up yelling with the rest of them as the teams clashed on the field. I could not believe how quick they moved - definitely better to watch it live that on TV.

So, I am now a convert and when I go passed the Haynes Oval on Frederick St on a Saturday, I might stop and spend a couple of hours watching some really top athletes.

For your information Bidyadanga means - the place where the emus drink!