All of the elements of the show seem to weave together to create a tapestry which is quintessentially ‘Broome’. The venue at Goolarri Media feels like a local secret, tucked away in an unassuming back street. The food on offer is delicious, diverse, and really reflects the town’s multicultural society. The traditional and contemporary dance performances combined with spoken word in Yawuru language showcases Indigenous culture. Then there is the ‘music and picture show’ as the star attraction, a 90 minute sonic and visual history of Broome. Well-known local music identity, Stephen Pigram, the creative director and has made this all come to life. Old footage of the town is accompanied by a bevy of Broome’s talented singers and musicians, who perform a carefully chosen selection songs.

This is the special ‘saltwater music’ that many refer to when speaking of the sounds of Broome. For locals, the show stirs a sense of nostalgia. The footage reminds them of the Broome of the past, and many may even see themselves or their family. The songs are a soundtrack from their lives. For short term locals, it is an education on how Broome came to be the town they now call home. It reminds us why we love Broome and why we love living here. A Taste of Broome has managed to distil the true essence of Broome into one night and it is truly magical.

As a visitor to Broome, you should be encouraged to see this unique event. You will glimpse what makes this town tick and gain an insight into the unique history and lifestyle of Broome. The only way to truly understand it is to go and see it and only then will you experience why there really is ‘nowhere else but here’.

Their facebook page will have the latest dates FB: tastebroome